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“Having  had  Many  intense  childhood traumas  and  being  ‘on  the  spectrum’  with  aspergers,  I  struggled  my  entire  life  with  relationship,  anger  and  anxiety. I’ve  tried  many  things  to  heal,  however  my  symptoms have  remained.  When  I  heard  about  BrainSpotting  I  knew  the  work  was  a  good  match  for  me and committed  myself  to  doing a chunk  of  work  with  Denise.


This  work  has  had  a  profound  impact  permeating  every aspect  of  my  life  in  a  permanent  way.  After  seven  sessions  over  a  three  month  period, all  of  the  following  has  changed  for  me. 


*  I  recovered  a  loving  and  more  peaceful relationship in  my  long  term  marriage.

*  Released  traumatic ‘body  triggers’  In  the  domain  of  sex  and  affection.

*  My  relationship  with  my  sibling,  which  had been  difficult  and  strained  for  many  years  has  transformed  into  positive  loving  relationships.  

*  I  feel  peaceful  and  the  anger  and  rage  I  was  constantly  triggered  by  has  simply  fallen  away.

*  I  now trust  myself  in  a  relaxed  manner  eliminating  the  need  to  over communicate  for  fear  of  not  being  heard.  

*  I  now  experience  being  ‘at  choice’  rather  than  ‘at  the  affect’  of  daily  situations  and  relationships.

*  I’m  experiencing  a  sense  of  true  freedom  for  the  first  time  in  my  life.

*  Things  that  chronically  triggered  me  in  the  past,  and  I  hung  on  to  for  a  very  long  time  (as  they  felt  ‘stuck’  in  my  body),  I  can  now  release  completely  and  get  through  in  a  short  time.  This  has  freed  me  from  the  bondage  that  prevented  me from  experiencing  peace  on  a  daily  basis.

*My  anxiety  has  diminished.

*  I  am  now  doing  the  work  I’ve  dreamed  of  working  with  horses.  

-Elise Cheval

“The BrainSpotting is like nothing…  It‘s  about  whats  ‘no  longer  there’  rather  than  ‘more  stuff’  on  top  of  whats  already  there.  

Where it was filled with chaos and pretzels is now a void. And anyone who’s done any Spiritual work knows that ‘nothing’, the ‘void’ is where it’s ’all’ happening. The void is where creation comes from…It took me 68 years to understand and experience this little golden egg.”


-Brenda Citron

“I have known Denise for many years, and worked with her in other capacities. I value her highly intuitive abilities. Upon learning she was now practicing ‘BrainSpotting’, (an enhancement tool to her Coaching services), I wanted to learn more about it  and  scheduled  an  apt.  In  our initial session I was unexpectedly overwhelmed with emotions I hadn’t processed regarding my husbands death and decided to engage in Coaching services. 

We did several BrainSpotting sessions on specific blocks I was experiencing after Dan’s death related to self love and ‘Being lovable’. Each session progressively freed me up, releasing blocks and inspiring aliveness. I feel liberated! I am having more fun and adventure, and feeling at ease with more full self expression.

I now feel at peace when I think of Dan and have a sense of serenity when I talk about him.” 

-Sandi  Simmone

"After an unforeseen and traumatic break up with a man I had been with for 11 years, I moved to a location not far from where we lived together. On a daily basis, when commuting to or from my new home, I have to drive by that house as there is no alternate route. He still lives there. Seeing the residence would trigger the lingering hurt and bewilderment I felt each time I passed. That stinging reflex, continued virtually every day for more than a year until I did a BrainSpotting session with Denise. WOW! By the end of the session those feelings were gone and I no longer feel hurt, upset or angry when driving to or from my home. I now feel impervious to any reaction going by that house. One session of BrainSpotting shifted my energy, mood and spirit to rise above the negative influence that trauma held over me and helped me to heal and be free. Thank you Denise!"


-Lisa  Keenen  

Professional  photographer

About four years ago I had a peak experience unlike anything I’d experienced before. In this peak experience an enormous ‘body of knowledge’ dropped in. It was all about the nature of, and features and characteristics  of an economic system that works for everyone.  It was a lot in an exceedingly short time period. Afterwards, I immediately wanted to write about it, although it was so much so fast it was difficult to put to paper. 

After talking with Denise, she suggested we do a BrainSpotting session in the ‘Expansion model’. This powerful BSP session allowed me to strengthen and integrate my experience, reconnect with with the power and grace of the original insights, and get a sense of the divine support I had for this work. Since then, in just two months, I have been able to write with amazing ease, I have completed the first draft, and I am well on my way to turning these insights into a compelling book! 

I highly recommend BrainSpotting with Denise.”

-Mark Bachelder

Building  Contractor

“My husband and I have had the deep honor to work closely with Denise on releasing deep trauma and programming. The depth of her work and the compassion she shares while holding powerful space for healing to occur is unlike any other healer or practitioner I’ve worked with. Both my husband and I are experiencing quantum leaps swiftly in recognizing old patterns and clearing out the roots that caused them. If you are ready to step more fully into embodying your Authentic Self and gaining access to your Peace, Joy and fun Denise will support that journey in a powerful and precise way! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

-Heather Powers


Love and Soul Coach “The Powers of Love”

I did a BrainSpotting session with Denise and worked on a childhood trauma with my mother. This incident brought up visceral feelings of terror when I recalled it. I held lifelong resentments towards my mother and talked about it as part of my ‘life story’ since I was young. After one session, not only did the highly charged feelings of terror dissolve, leaving my body, the lifelong resentments towards my mother have fallen away! I now feel at peace towards my mother and experience a genuine sense of love and compassion for her. I’ve done a great deal of  ‘personal work’ in my adult lifetime and never successfully healed this deep hurt. The results of my BSP session are the most transformative and emotionally Healing  breakthrough I’ve had in my lifetime! 

Wow! This was remarkable. I’m so happy to have had this life changing experience working with Denise and highly recommend it to others.“


-Doreen Marino

Certified Life Coach and Victims advocate for domestic violence

”I decided to try ‘BrainSpotting’, (BSP), because of some deep seated anxieties I was experiencing at my new job, which were sabotaging my ability to learn and have a beginners mind. After just one session with Denise I had a pretty drastic shift in attitude which helped me put aside my ego. I am much happier for it and highly recommend BSP with Denise!”


-Meesha Goldberg


My long time ‘Image Consulting‘ client had two huge family events scheduled back to back. Clothes shopping and packing had frequently caused tremendous anxiety. While preparing for the two events her anxiety spiked and decisions became more difficult. So, I suggested doing a BrainSpotting  session. We did three sessions and her anxiety diminished.

After the events I texted her “How did it go?”

“Hmmm. Amazingly calm, and more decisive packing!! I like it so much better without the anxiety of my head all scattered and freaked out!!”

I spoke with her later and she reported really enjoying herself, more than she had in a long time. 

I followed up a few months later asking her how things were going in the anxiety department. She said “Hmm, I haven’t even thought about it!”

It’s been truly amazing to witness the results people are having with BrainSpotting. Clients are experiencing ‘A whole new normal’!


-Denise Sims

”Denise is an incredible coach. She is a coach like no other coach. She comes at things from a perspective that is so different than any other coach I have ever worked with before. There are many "one liners" that we learned from Denise that we say all the time. One of my favorite sayings from Denise is, "raise your receiving level". Raise your receiving level and call Denise!!”


-Kate M.

Alameda, CA

Thanks to Denise's coaching, my music studio is doing much better. I'm able to manage my team more effectively. I learned many tricks of the trade that helped me in my first few years in business.Through my brainspotting therapy and start-up coaching with Denise at Simaxion Coaching I was able to pinpoint certain emotions preventing me from growing my team effectively while learning some techniques to more efficiently manage my studio. In five months after opening, we are now operating on positive cash flow each month and I'm more grounded in my approach to leadership. My relationships with my team have strengthened and we're seeing greater productivity. I definitely encourage others to try it!


-Alexander N.

Los Angeles, CA

Because of Covid, our sessions were on Zoom.  And it didn't matter because Denise's skills kept me focused throughout our Brain Spotting sessions.  I started out traumatized, anxious, depressed, broken hearted.  During our sessions, I I saw my fears, doubts, insecurities from childhood to the present, and by the end of our sessions, I embraced them all. I came through the grief of a harsh breakup with the awareness that to heal, I had to metaphorically strip myself naked and expose my belly in a safe place.  Denise's guidance, kindness and humor never wavered, and i thank my lucky stars I found her.  Healing from grief and deception takes time, and I now have the tools to "ride it out".  As the Leonard Cohen song goes, "Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in".  Thank you Denise, for helping me let the light in and out.


-Linda D.

San Rafael, CA

Denise is a unique human being with amazing tools for empowerment. There is no better person I can think of to handle the most sensitive, important, and vital questions that anyone could wrestle with. If you are looking for a powerful support system, she is like having an ace in the hole in a big stakes poker game.  I recommend her services to anyone.


-David F.

Fairfax, CA

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