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Through the power of ‘BrainSpotting’ (BSP) release and heal anxiety, trauma, depression, physical pain and body trauma, including debilitating affects of concussions. It eliminates or significantly reduces all related symptoms a client experiences. BSP has also proven to be very affective treating ADD and ADHD.


What is it and how can it help you?

Dr. David Grand pioneered BrainSpotting, (BSP), over 15 years ago. It has emerged as the number one most affective treatment to heal trauma, PTSD, pain and anxiety. Clients process and heal from body injuries and concussions as well. So, what is brain spotting and how can it help you? Keep reading to find out.


What is brain spotting?

Brain spotting is a brain/body somatic therapy that uses eye movements to help process and heal from emotional and physical blocks and trauma. This therapy is based on the evidence based discovery that when we experience an upset, injury or trauma it is stored in the brain and body, frozen. Using eye movement, a practitioner is able to access the ‘actual’ upset, block or trauma stored deep in the brain. When accessed it triggers a somatic response releasing the upset and area of the body it is stored in. Trauma, anxiety and pain dissolve and allow brain cels to actually recover.

How does brain spotting work?

View ten minute clip below of BrainSpotting pioneer, Dr. David Grand.

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