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Many people can benefit from counseling.


Why Counseling Can Be Beneficial?

Counseling can provide individuals with the tools they need to deal with challenges, relationships or difficult life events. It can also help people to learn more about themselves and how they interact with the world around them. Counseling can be beneficial for people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief, or any other issue that is causing distress.

How Counseling Can Help?

Counseling can provide support, understanding, guidance, and healing. It can also teach coping skills, problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution skills. Counseling can help people to heal their past and set realistic goals to make positive changes in their lives.

If you are struggling with any issue in your life, big or small, counseling may be right for you. It is important to find a counselor who you feel comfortable with and who you feel confident will understand your unique needs. A personal commitment is required in order to produce swift and successful results.

I work with all ages from teens to mature adults and many different cultural and religious backgrounds as well.


Young people and changing times...

An area of work close to my heart lies in assisting young people to gain clarity about their goals and intentions that will help navigate a successful trajectory into young adulthood. In these unprecedented times many people are experiencing uncertainty, confusion, extreme anxiety and also depression. Our ‘post Covid’ world is challenging for us all, and most especially for young people who are launching theirs lives into young adulthood. Young adulthood is challenging by nature, not including the rapid and unexpected changes we, as humans, are faced with now. Additionally, many high school and college students are experiencing stratospheric anxiety, both in their performance and social lives. Sometimes it’s even paralyzing. I find BrainSpotting to be a highly affective tool to support students who are feeling challenged to reduce or eliminate their anxiety and get back on track with ease and confidence.


Teens and young adults have found my counseling, coaching and BrainSpotting services to be invaluable towards healing and creating a future to look forward to.


As the next twenty years will be largely formed by todays young adults, we’re at a critical time of providing needed support and guidance for youth and young adults.

I once heard a comedian say a ‘pearl of wisdom’, “Whatever you do, don’t ‘F’ up your twenty’s! It will change the rest of your life.”


In my personal experience, this is so true.

Online counselling
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